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Documentaion Folder

This is the folder containing this documentation that you are now viewing. No Need to upload it, just keep handy for when you need to refer back to.


This is your Wordpress plugin file for WPIndeed My Team for Visual Composer that you add to your plugin directory of Wordpress.

Uploading Plugin

Inside your Wordpress admin area, go to Plugins at the top you'll see "Add New" click that and the click the link that says "Upload". In the upload box select the indeed-my-team-vc.zip file and click upload.

After uploading is completed and instalation is done Plugins > Installed Plugins and activate it.

Activate the Plugin

Go to Plugins > Installed Plugins click the "Activate" link under Indeed My Team (Visual Composer Version). Your Plugin is now installed!

The Menu

Inside your Wordpress admin area, go to Team Members . Now your admin menu will display the 3 submenu items All Members, Add New Member, Teams

All Members

Go to Team Members -> All Members to see all the team members you added untill now. As a nice feature you can see the team they are part of.

Add New Member

If you know how to add a post or a page in WordPess you know how to add team members in your website. We have split this into 7 simple steps as you can see in the picture:

Member Name (1): This is self explanatory. Just add the name of your team member.

The Description (2): Add a few words that best describe your team member.

The Team (3): Select what team is this person in. For your company a team could be a department or a branch, you choose.

Personal Information (4): We have structured the information about your team members in such a way as to include later into predefined premium templates, included in this plugin. The fields in this section are: Job Title, Email, Website, Telephone, Location

Social Media (5): If your team members are active on social media networks, you can add Facebook, Twiter, Linkedin, Google, Instagram.

Member Picture (6): Select an image for your team member. Hope they do not have a bad hair day .

Skills (7): If your team members are any good at what they are doing, well, let everyone know.


Managing the team is the same as manageing the categories for your posts. You can add, edit and delete them.

Add Element

The Add/Edit My Team Element is a click only:

Team desired to be showed. Pick "All" to include all the teams.

Number of iteams - how many members

Order By ordering options

Custom Field To Show With a single checkbox you can choose to display each type of information added about the team members in the Add New Member section.

Theme This is where the NO CODING REQUIRED comes to live. With a simple mouse click you can choose between the 10 included templates and for each template you can go through 10 color schemes

Number of Columns you can choose on how many columns will your team be displayed.

Show in Slider You can choose to trnsform this list into an animated slider with 11 options, including CSS3 transitions.

Thanks again for buying this plugin, if you need any help/support at all contact us.

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