Must-Have Features

From our Experienced Team

  • Responsive & Mobile Optimized
  • Multi-Groups
  • Author Feed Assign
  • Inside Page Template
  • Dynamic Skills
  • Image Effects
  • Grid Showcase
  • Customized Custom Post Type
  • WordPress Multi-Language Ready
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  • Responsive

    Specially built for any Screen Resolution and dedicated features for Mobile Devices. Just give a try on your mobile.

  • Elite Code

    Very friendly for further developing and professional structured for fast customization

  • Retina Ready

    All the Themes are predefined built to cover the highest design requests and Retina ready.

  • Periodically Update

    With a full developing team behind it, all the Items are kept up to date and new features are added periodically

  • 24/7 Support

    If you need any help, a dedicated team is set to handle all the support requests immediately

  • Fully Integration

    Built to work with any custom Theme without structure conflicts.

Visual Composer Element

VC Example

This Item is an Add-On specially for Visual Composer – Page Builder. So, the main Plugin needs to be installed to have access on all the features from My Team Showcase for Visual Composer Add-On.

Teams Showcase Examples

Grid Examples

Column 1/4, Theme 1, Color #27bebe

Column 1/4, Theme 3, Color #ee3733

Column 1/3, Theme 10, Color #94c523

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Slider Showcase Examples

Column 4, Theme 1, Color #ee3733 , Items per Slide 4, Pagination Theme 3

Column 1/4, Theme 2, Color #f36510, Items per Slide 4, Pagination Theme 2, Animation SlideIn:flipInX, Animation Slide Out: SlideOutDown

Column 1/3, Theme 10, Color #0a9fd8, Items per Slide 3, Pagination Theme 1, Animation SlideIn:FadeInDown, Animation Slide Out: FadeOutUp

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Filter Showcase Examples

Column 1/4, Theme 2, Color #0bb586, Filter Showcase Small Buttons

Column 1/4, Theme 10, Color #ee3733

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Other Features


  • 10 Predefined Templates
  • 10 Predefined Colors
  • Columns Responsive Structure
  • Hover Effect
  • Center Boxes Align

Filter Showcase

  • Groups Selection
  • 4 Buttons Themes
  • Dynamic Button Colors
  • Multiple Buttons Align
  • Responsive

Responsive Settings

  • No. of Columns for Screen Max-Width: 479px
  • No. of Columns for Screen Min-Width: 480px and Screen Max-Width: 767px
  • No. of Columns for Screen Min-Width: 768px and Screen Max-Width: 959px


  • Multi Groups selection
  • No. of Entries
  • Hide Small Icons
  • Grid Columns” Option
  • Order by Name
  • Order by Last Name
  • Order by Date
  • Order by Random

Inside Page

  • Enable/Disable Inside Page
  • Predefined Template
  • Template Selection
  • Custom Entry Fields Selection

Advanced Features

  • Custom Post Type Manageable
  • Custom CSS
  • Author latest Posts asign

Slider ShowCase

  • Items per Slide
  • Slide TimeOut
  • Pagination Speed
  • AutoPlay
  • Stop on Mouse Hover
  • Draggable Slide
  • Bullets Navigation
  • Pagination
  • 3 Pagination Themes
  • Auto Height
  • Play in Loop
  • Animation Slide In
  • Animation Slide Out

WordPress Team Plugin for Visual Composer is the perfect WordPress plugin build to display and manage your team and clients as a responsive grid or as a dynamic slider. You have multiple special themes and effects that will help you to show your team in so many different ways.

You can manage your members by grouping into separate teams. With Team Showcase – Visual Composer Plugin for WordPress you can display your team without any line of code. All you need to do is to selecti your desired options to display, pick a favorite theme and select a predefined color. Choosing the right color scheme for your team section of your website was never easier.

WordPress Team Plugin – 10 Special Themes

We have built different responsive themes ready to display your team on any resolution and device. The themes are mobile ready and can be changed very easy. More templates will be released in the future.

You can suggest a theme and we will take care of your wish.

WordPress Team Plugin- 10 Color Schemes

We have set 10 Color Schemes that are both edgy and appealing. Try them all. Use the one you like best and fit for your team.

WordPress Team Plugin- 10 Display Options

Pick individual fields for each team group. You can display and activate the Full Name, the Social Media, Skills and the Personal Information. You can add description on each member’s team including a custom content.

Slider Showcase

You have 10 features to build your desired team slider. All the options are very easy to change and user friendly. Display your team as a carousel slider with some transition effects and nav buttons.

Other WordPress Team Plugin Features:

  • Slideshow options
  • Inside Team’s member Page ready
  • Responsive & Columns structure
  • CSS3 Effects
  • Teams Management

Over all

WordPress Team Plugin for Visual Composer plugin is the most complete plugin on the market. With so many options your Team Showcase will be unique and special.

The best WordPress Team Plugin for Visual Composer